Hybrid 35 – MS polymer glue and sealant

Hybrid 35 – MS polymer glue and sealant

HYBRID 35 MS Polymer glue and sealant is a fast curing and durable industrial adhesive. Is a sealant new generation isocyanate-solvent free sealant that brings together all the mechanical properties of polyurethane and silicone sealant.
It can be used in many industries such as construction, automotive, shipbuilding, vacuum systems, containers, tanks.


  • Construction industry, both indoors and outdoors as an elastic adhesive and sealant
  • Insulation of window and door elements
  • Connecting wood with metal constructions
  • Installation and insulation of facade elements
  • Joint sealing and bonding thresholds, parapets, windowsills, decorative strips, insulation boards, decoration corks, glass and mineral wool on wood, chipboard, plaster, brick, concrete, metal, natural stones (marble, granite, etc.)
  • Flexible connection of vibrating constructions.
  • It is not recommended to use in PMMA and polycarbonate type materials and there is no adhesion  on PE, PP, PTFE Teflon, silicones and bituminous substrates

How to use:

Application area must be dry, clean, and free of dust, oil and grease. In order to obtain an even joint and avoid soiling of adjacent areas, use masking tapes removable immediately after joint sealing application. Use expansion joint cord for filling deep gaps. Applied sealant should be immediately smoothened by rubbing down with a wet spatula or finger. Apply using a manual or pneumatic gun intended for sealants. It is recommended to perform a compatibility test before application.


Store in a dry, cold place and in closed containers at temperatures between + 5°C and + 25 °C.

Expiration date

12 months from date of manufacture.

Pieces in a box


Hybryda 35