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Hydraulika budowlana

High and low
pressure hydraulics

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Grafen Professional is part of
Madejski company

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Grafen Professional

We are a world-class producer of construction and automotive chemistry. We provide our clients with products and solutions of the highest quality.

Our technologies are the result of the work of the team creating the product for the needs of the market. They are based on the latest achievements in industrial chemistry. The recipes developed by our laboratory are subjected to trials and tests under the toughest conditions.

the highest standards

a wide range of products

world class product

highest quality

Grafen Professional is constantly expanding its assortment, ensuring the highest standards.

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Area of cooperation

We serve over a dozen countries around the world, supplying our products in many locations.

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Construction chemicals:
+48 12 683 96 11

Automotive chemicals:
+48 12 683 96 23

Working Hours:
07:30 – 15:30

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