Fire Resistant Polyurethane Foam 900g

Fire Resistant Polyurethane Foam 900g

Fire resistant (DIN 4102-B1) one component polyurethane foam designed for mounting and sealing applications. Used for fire rating applications. Can also be used for all other foam applications.


  • mounting PVC, wooden and aluminum window / door frames and jambs
  • sealing roofs, walls and ceilingsfilling and insulating cable and pipe penetration ducts
  • insulation of central heating, water and sewage systems
  • soundproofing and sealing partition walls, car bodies, boats and the like

Directions for use:

  • Clean and degrease the working substrate.
  • Before use, make sure that the can temperature is above zero (optimum temperature +20°C). *Shake the can well (for about 30 sec.) in order to mix all the components thoroughly.
  • Attach the applicator to the can and when applying hold the can upside down.
  • Apply the foam from the bottom to the top of the gap.
  • The crack should be filled up to 60% of its depth, maximum 5cm per layer. If the depth of the layer exceeds 5 cm a few layers should be applied.
  • After application each layer should be dampened with water by means of e.g. a sprayer.
  • After curing, remove excess mechanically (e.g. with a knife).
  • After foam is fully cured, protect it against UV radiation using e.g. plaster or paint.

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