Styro adhesive foam

Styro adhesive foam 840 g


Adhesive foam can be used to mount polystyrene panels (XPS or EPS) heat Insulation.

Technical specifications

The product hardening in a humid environment and the initial adhesion is achieved within 20 minutes, After about 2 hours hardening. It is resistant to any kind of atmospheric conditions, sea water, steam, and moisture. Working temperature +5°C/+35°C.
Can performance up to 10m². Performance is depend on air temperature and humidity and the method of application.

How to use:

All substrates must be sound, clean, free of grease and loose dirt (dust, lumps of mortar, old sealants, etc.). Do not use in rain and strong wind. Immediately prior to application moisten the substrate Prevent possible contamination elements of woodwork and flashings. Thoroughly mix the contents of the can by vigorous shaking (30 times).The box should be at room temperature (if necessary, dip the can in warm water). Screw the can on the gun nozzle and adjust the application. Outlet hold a gun at 2 cm from the surface. Applied directly to the surface of the polystyrene foam adhesive path a diameter of 3 cm around the circumference of plate at a distance of about 5 cm from the edge and in the middle zigzag shaped W. After about 2-4 min. Apply the panel to the wall, press lightly and determine its final position within a max 15 min. (at 20 ° C and 65% RH). At higher temperature and humidity correction time is reduced, at a lower extend. Wait a few minutes before applying the panels to the wall, allow the initial expansion of the adhesive and facilitate the subsequent correction of the position. Holes and joints between panels to fill the same adhesive (during curing foams and fills the empty spaces). The type and number of mechanical fasteners determines the thermal insulation of the building project Excess material removed mechanically after curing, fresh dirt – Grafen Professional PU cleaning foams.


Store in a dry, cold place and in closed containers at temperatures between +5 °C and +25 °C.

Expiration date

12 months from date of manufacture. Date of production printed on package.

Pieces in a box


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