Label remover spray 200ml

Label remover spray 200 ml

Grafen label remover spray has a special formulation for the quick and efficient removal of paper based adhesive labels on different types of surfaces. With its efficient formulation it cleans without leaving adhesive residue on given surface. Cleans deeply, It is not corrosive, harmless to most surfaces, Does not contain CFC, a halogenated solvent. It is compatible with most of the plastics, rubbers, elastomers and surface coatings. Prior to application, test sensitive plastics on small area first, and do not use on polystyrene.


  1. Do not spray on to live electrical equipment or other sources of ignition.
  2. Prior to application, shake the can 15-20 times and Spray directly.
  3. In order to get efficiency wait 2-3 minutes after that clean the residues with a piece of fabric.


Store between +5 °C and +25 °C in dry area.

Expiration date

36 months from the date of manufacture. Date of production printed on package.

Pieces in a box

36 pcs